I have visions of order and beauty.  My beauty is mostly found in Nature; the order is both everywhere in the world and in the nowhere of formal logic.  I see beauty in my daily environment that I capture and share in photographs and videos.  There is abstract beauty, also manifest in the form of realistic scenes of Nature, to be found in math and logic.  It can be expressed  by encoding artistic insight in computer programs, executing the resulting code, and representing the output properly.  Each of those steps – discovery, expression, execution and interpretation – is far more easily said than done.  Extended inquiries into each led to my obtaining a doctorate in computer science.


What is most interesting about my work is the artistic process, which involves expressing human longing and artistic intuition through the strict determinism of math & logic.  I map emotion into formal procedures.  This often leaves me wondering what is an illusion and what, if anything, is “real.”


Setting that aside: I’ve learned much, invented some, and synthesized lots of knowledge into a particular world view; a view of worlds, which I create/discover on the computer.  The mechanics of this world view are complex and intellectually rich, often to the point of being obscure, arcane and recondite (read: difficult).  Therefore I’ve dedicated much of my adult life to communicating both what I’ve learned and what I've figured out for myself.


Explaining and elucidating, all for that “aha!” moment one can invoke in another: to tweak that sacred sand grain that becomes an avalanche within them.  It is a worthy life endeavor.